ALCO History

1946 – ALCO Inc. an ALberta COrporation was originally founded with the vision to deliver exceptional service and quality product with the right answer for businesses in a timely manner.  ALCO spent this initial year primarily servicing and manufacturing components for the forestry industry and saw mills from its machine shop on Calgary Trail in Edmonton, Alberta. That original Calgary Trail location is now the head office of all ALCO’s companies today. Helping hold strong ALCO’s core values of providing the right answer for your business needs and even after ALCO’s vast expansion and global market servicing you will still receive that exceptional service and product today at any ALCO location.

1947 – Always moving forward and with the recent oil patch boom. ALCO was in key areas to introduce a Machine/Fabrication shop to custom manufacturing, repair, services, machine, construct and weld oilfield equipment and trucking components.
1952 – Fuel by possibility, ALCO becomes the first to bring Dynamic Balancing to the province of Alberta for the lumber and trucking industry. At the same time becomes the largest Dana W.D supplier in the province of Alberta.
1972 – Thinking deeper, ALCO builds and develops ALCO Gas & Oil Production Equipment. This expansion was the first step to establish a strong hold in both the Upstream and Midstream Gas & Oil sectors.
1993 – ALCO purchases IDM and develops ALCO Industrial to gain a strong hold in the industrial mining and piping industry. Helping to build wyes & lateral piping along with full recertification and manufacturing for dragline buckets and transportation equipment.
1995 – With new oilfield developments stating to mechanize and automate upstream oil & gas rigging procedures and equipment. ALCO develops ALCO Flow Control to establish its hydraulic, pneumatic, manifold, valve and HPU (Hydraulic Pressure Unit) product and services lines.  This starts the development of the ALCO Low Profile Slips, ALCO HPU Trailer and its mechanized tubular torque system the ALCO SMART Roughneck System.
1998 – ALCO takes full control of its subsidiary ALCO CNC Industries. Resulting in the addition and ability to manufacture, engineer and design intricate parts and products for both the Gas & Oil and Industrial Industries.
2001 – ALCO purchases Hydra Oil Tool and builds the ALCO Oil Tools Division to help specialize in handling tool recertification, inspection, manufacturing and distribution.
2008- ALCO expands its upstream oilfield manufactured product, product supply and recertification to the Service Rig industry. This gives way to the first ALCO facility outside of the Edmonton/Nisku region and provides customers a link to all ALCO’s capabilities in the Service Rig centre of Red Deer. ALCO Oil Tool – Red Deer is developed to give customers a local location for purchasing both service and drilling rig equipment and have a location for servicing all rig related product.
2013 - ALCO acquires its NCSO COR designation to expand and meet customer needs in the field. Shortly after ALCO Field Services is established and begins providing customers the fine quality machining, welding and mechanical services they have grown to expect at all ALCO locations but with remote access in the field.
2014 - ALCO makes a large expansion with the development of ALCO Fabricators, ALCO Constructors and ALCO Carriers. This expansion is the largest in the history of ALCO’s existence and helps to provide the most value added benefit to customers using the ALCO experience. The expansion gives all ALCO customers a one stop shop for rig ups, rig construction, process equipment, production equipment, hydraulic & pneumatic products, hydraulic & pneumatic parts, steel fabrication, tank & vessel construction, industrial products, industrial services, product development, product recertification, machine shop services and product transportation services. Helping ALCO establish itself as the one company where customers can have all there rigging and industrial needs met.