“It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Alco Industrial Field Services. During the past two years Alco has been under contract as our General Mechanical Contractor. Our Team has worked directly with Alco from preservation, to the development of ITP’s, installation of all mechanical equipment, to the final turnover packages.

Alco worked not only with our team but directly with the other contractors on site to fulfill construction requirements in a timely and safe fashion. Alco showed a professionalism and quality of work second to none.

Alco’s safety record remained completely unblemished in their time on site (not even a simple medical aid) this was a very conspicuous to all involved in the blackgold project.

Due to Alco's professionalism and the efficiency in which they executed their tasks, Alco was consistently ahead of the construction schedules.

It is truly my pleasure to recommend the services of ALCO Industrial and their employees. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me for a further reference."


- Woo-Kyo Lee, Project Director & Site Manager for Harvest Blackgold Project. GSE&C Construction Canada Ltd.