ALCO Flow Control

Specializing In:

Repair Re-certification, Hydrostatic Testing, NDT/Hardness testing

Alco Flow Control is dedicated to providing high quality repairs and modifications for all valves in a efficient and safe manner conforming to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Over 120 Years Combined Experience in Valve Repairs

  • Needle valve and Xmas tree repairs including wing valves

  • Inspection reports

  • Hydrostatic testing to 20,000 PSI

  • Mobile B pressure welding -Engineering & Design Services

  • Types of equipment repaired and recertified:- Ball, Plug, Gate, Globe, Butterfly & Check valves 2 “ to 36”-Wellhead, Manifolds, BOP’s, Lubricators

  • Air testing to 300 PSIG, Hydrostatic testing to 20,000 PSIG

  • B-Pressure welding

  • General and specialized machining

  • Modifications performed – Gear operators, Stem and hand wheel extensions, quick release ball valves, gate to swing conversions, spring return on ball valves


The Smart Roughneck System is fully automated unit that spins, makes/breaks at regulated torque. It is operated from a touch screen and starts an automatic sequence that takes the unit to well centre and waits until stump height is set, a further press of the button clamps the box end, the spinner spins the connecting tubular in or out as required, upper jaw clamps and unit either torques up to a preset value or breaks the connection, the spinner will spin out the connection, unit opens up and returns to park.



  • New Mechanized, Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electrical Oilfield Equipment Sales
  • Hydraulic Parts, dies, inserts and component sales
  • Valve & Manifold certification, design and manufacturing
  • Oilfield Rig up and Construction yard



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ALCO Flow Control

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Office Phone#: 1-780-440-4560
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