ALCO Oil Tool

ALCO Oil Tool is commitment to problem solving is further enhanced by offering product modifications, custom design and manufacturing to our customers specific needs.

Our main focus at this shop is the repair and recertification of pipe handling tools. 

This would include casing elevators, drill pipe elevators, tubing elevators, rotary slips, drill pipe slips, casing slips, 350/500 Ton Elevators/Spiders Varco or BJ, manual tongs, kelly bushings, power swivels. 

We also have in stock a wide variety of new pipe handling tools for sale.  This would include casing elevators, tubing elevators, slip type elevators, 18° drill pipe elevators, 90° drill pipe elevators, DU rotary slips, C-1 drill collar slips, manual tubing tongs, manual rig tongs, TS-100 tubing spiders.


  • New Oilfield Drilling & Service Rig Equipment and Parts Sales
  • Recertification of Oil Field Product & Handling Tools
  • Machine Shop Services: Welding, Machining, Mechanical, Inspection and Custom Design

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ALCO Oil Tool

5830 - 92 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6E 3A6
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